December/Year’s End Wrap-Up Round-Up

As a brand new book blog, it’s hard to hop on the wagon of memes, but this is one that I love. I love wrap up posts with links to cool things, I love being able to promote myself, and I love everyone who has read so far and everyone who will read in the future (all five of you). So here it is, a little wrap-up of my blog so far for the month of December.

Most Popular Posts: 

Review: At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen goes into one of my favorite authors and now, one of my favorite books.

My TBR Pile is Huge and It’s a Problem: 5 Books I Need to Read is a quick glance at my massive To Be Read pile, and features books I’m dying to read but just don’t have the time to read them. Spoiler: I abandoned one of them!

Books Reviewed This Month:

Review: At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen discusses one of my favorite authors and now one of my favorite books. Mostly it’s gushing. There’s not a lot of substance, okay.

Review: Depth of Winter by Craig Johnson goes over the most recent in the Longmire mystery series. And in case you haven’t heard, I love Longmire and I like to talk about it.

Review: Lethal White by Robert Galbraith goes over why this novel wasn’t my favorite and why I’m disappointed in it. Not the best book I read this month!

What Else Happened this Month

  • I started a book blog!
  • Christmas happened and I got a record player that I’m stoked about.
  • Yule happened and I burned a log in the fireplace.
  • A bunch of medical stuff happened with me, and the story starts with sepsis in October and is currently in the middle of cardiologist in January. Three hospital trips in three months, woo!
  • I made my excited-for book list for 2019.
  • My resolution for 2019 is to live unapologetically, and it starts with letting go of book guilt.
  • You’ll see even more in January about my reading resolutions for 2019!

It’s been a great month just starting out and I can’t wait to do more! While I’m posting every day, you may see me a bit more sporadically as I start a new job and learn to love and adore life in ways I haven’t done yet! Follow me on Twitter @CassieSinclair6!