A Glance at My Shelf

Fair warning: my bookshelves are a mess.

The main bookshelf, plus some bookmarks I’ve had since high school.
The Harry Potter books in their place of honor. Also see the Kindle and the bag of tarot cards!
The bookshelf with the favorites: Amy Tan, Craig Johnson, and more.

So those are my bookshelves. Now let’s talk about a couple of books that are on ’em! The truth is that a lot of my books are nonfiction, so I yanked some interesting ones that you probably wouldn’t expect to be on this blog. A couple of writing books, a craft book, a couple of comic books, and a couple of pagan/witchcraft books.

Writing Books

No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty is a handy dandy guide to writing a novel in thirty days. Specifically written for people who are doing National Novel Writing Month (find the link here), which I used to do every year. Those novels will never see the light of day, but there are plenty of writers who went on to be published, including Sara Gruen (Water for Elephants and At the Water’s Edge).

One reason I like No Plot? is how succint it is. It walks you through the planning process, as well as how to manage your stress throughout the entire month. NaNoWriMo did a lot to turn me into the writer I am today!

Have you ever had a word where you know what something is, but not what it’s called? Then the Descriptionary is the perfect book for you. This thing is just plain neat – it’s got a ton of categories, it’s like a dictionary divided into categories like “Words about Words” and “Architecture” and so much more. I like to take a word at random and write a short story that involves that word. Seriously, if you write, this one’s a must-have.

Craft Book

Listen, these two are both crochet books because that’s what I do in my spare time – I don’t go anywhere without yarn anymore.

Dumpling Cats is the cutest crochet book I ever had the fortune to own (and I say had because, well, I lost it in the move from Portland and I’m waiting to buy a new one). It’s all about cute fat cats and reminds me a lot of Neko Atsume, the game, which I was obsessed with for awhile.

Here is a dumpling kitty in the wild.

Comic Books

So I don’t enjoy reading Pride and Prejudice but I do enjoy the graphic novel. The art style is neat, and I actually want to read it, which is difficult to get me to do with classic novels. Fun fact: I accidentally stole this book from a friend of mine. Sorry, Hannah!

Listen, this is a hill that I will die on: Hawkeye is an underrated superhero. I’m also not talking about the mess that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe these days. Hawkeye is a character that (in Matt Fraction’s universe at least) struggles with depression, with adulting in general, and with being a hot mess. In multiple Marvel universes, Hawkeye/Clint Barton is also deaf. I’m really sad they pulled the plug on Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, but I’ll always have the memories.

Pagan/Witchcraft Books

So this is an interesting book because it’s not just a book of spells. It actually goes into a lot of the theory and history behind how magic(k) works, and the first half of the book is devoted to it. A lot of times you’ll see new pagans and witches trying spells without knowing why they work – I was guilty of it too. Now I know how to make my own, and a lot of it is due largely to The Goodly Spellbook. I will warn you, it’s not secular – it’s based in Wicca beliefs. (For those wondering, I am Pagan, not Wiccan).

The Good Witch’s Daily Spellbook is designed to be simple, quick magic for every day of your life. It’s got a spell for every day of the year, and they’re all with low ingredients or easy to get ingredients (mine come mainly from the grocery store, I’ll admit it). My main complaint is that not all of the spells are useful on the day that they’re assigned, but that comes down to date correspondences and other things. Really, it is what you want to make it.

So this is it, that’s a glance at my shelves. What’s on your shelf?

5 thoughts on “A Glance at My Shelf

  1. I have Celtic Myth and Magick too. My shelves look confused because I have two shelves of Pagan books and above it, two shelves of Christian books, plus another small shelf with a mixture of religious/spirituality books including the Quran, a book on understanding the Quran and others. I started off religiously curious, then became Pagan, and now I’m Christian. I still like what Paganism was though and my husband is still Pagan which is why I have the books as they are his too.

    Love the Harry Potter books, much nicer looking than mine. I should share my bookshelves someday on my blog, thanks for the idea.


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