Deep Dark Depressions and Reading

One thing about bipolar disorder (at least mine) is that the pendulum swings both ways – into mania, where I want to read every book known to mankind and give my thoughts on it, and into depression, where I don’t want to even look at book.

I am giving myself permission to let that be okay. I’m giving myself the permission to let reading remain a hobby I enjoy instead of a chore I force myself to do when I don’t want to. The pendulum is swinging back to a good place, and soon I’ll be able to enjoy it again.

In the meantime, please know I haven’t abandoned this or my challenges. I just need a bit of time while my brain and my world right themselves!

4 thoughts on “Deep Dark Depressions and Reading

  1. Good for you for recognizing that depression isn’t permanent and you will come back. I’m in a mixed state so hypomania is making me read like crazy right now while depression is making me not want to do anything else but that. But there are times I read like 1 book for months, when I’m depressed.


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