My 2 Guilty Pleasure Reads and Why I Love Them

Alright, we all know what a guilty pleasure read is. It’s that one book – you know the one, with the characters not exactly written well, the plot full of holes, everyone hates it except, apparently, you. You don’t hate it. You love it.

The thing about guilty pleasures is that they’re just that – pleasurable. And we as a society are against things purely for pleasure, sometimes. When you read, shouldn’t it be to advance yourself in some way? I don’t believe that. I believe in reading for any reason – enjoyment and pleasure is one of them. That’s why my motto (“Live Unapologetically” – I know, I keep harping on it, but it’s so useful!) comes in handy, because I’m refusing to read things I don’t enjoy. I refuse to limit myself to only “academic” reading, or reading for some kind of gain. No, if I want to read for the sheer joy of reading, if I want to read to indulge in some impossible romantic fantasy (oh my god, do I love cheesy romance novels, though), then I’m going to do it.

Rant over. Let’s look at some of my favorite guilty pleasure reads.

Now, by calling these “guilty pleasures” I don’t mean any kind of offense towards the books themselves.I just mean that they are books that I’ve read a thousand times for the ssheer joy of being able to read them.

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Listen, I loved Twilight, okay. I loved it. I was too cool in high school to love it when it came out, but I did read it (so I could make fun of it), and it shot to the very top of my guilty pleasure reading list. I read the whole series, I watched the movies (alone in my room, my friends were also too cool). I hadn’t yet learned that I could read a book purely for the enjoyment of the book – I didn’t have to analyze every little thing, I didn’t have to find meaning in every word. Twilight was, and still is, a favorite – right up there next to Perks of Being a Wallflower for me.

“What are you, the bounty hunter from hell?”

So, One for the Money and the Stephanie Plum series – one of the first “adult” (meaning geared for adults) books that I ever read. My mom read it first, and loved it, and now it’s a guilty pleasure because honestly, at this point, I’m over the love triangle, but I just. Keep. Reading. Ranger? Ranger is my ideal man. “Babe.” Mm. Give me more of that, please. You’d think I had enough with 25 books, but I haven’t. Even better are the holiday spin-offs with Diesel.

So what are your guilty pleasure reads? What books do you keep coming back to, over and over again?

4 thoughts on “My 2 Guilty Pleasure Reads and Why I Love Them

  1. I absolutely loved the first 3 Twilight books the first time I read them, because they basically spoke to my inner-high-school-me and I’m pretty sure I sobbed through the entirely of book 2 or book 3 or whichever one it was where she basically keeps flinging herself in front of near death experiences just to have her weird little Edward hallucinations. I remember literally lying on the couch for a solid day doing nothing except reading that book with tears sliding down my face – it *broke me*. Then I went back and tried to reread them and I don’t know if it was a case of catching terribly writing on the reread or letting what others had to say ruin it for me, or if it was because my then the first movie had come out and all I could see was their terrible acting when I tried to read the book, but I was like “Oh wait, these are really terrible.” Oh well. I enjoyed them a lot the first time through.

    I didn’t care for One for the Money (it was “meh”) but I LOVE Janet Evanovich’s fluffy rom-coms! Smitten, Love Overboard, Naughty Neighbor, Thanksgiving… They’re so fluffy and GREAT. ❤


    1. I can reread Twilight if I turn off my “snobby writer” switch, and enjoy them. In fact I kind of want to now. Man I love those books! They’re the perfect guilty read for me – forbidden love, vampires.

      See, I don’t care for the rom coms, but I liked the Stephanie Plum series more the farther I got – it peaks around 12 and then starts to lose me again.


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