The Best Book I Read in December Was…

I want to start doing this too. I feel like taking a look back at every month and pointing out a great read can be beneficial for my death spiral of anxiety that appears at the end of the month when money is tight and everything is stressful.

I got the idea from A Cocoon of Books – which, if you’re not reading that blog, you should be, it’s awesome. I read even before I started my own blog, I just have never commented because I’m more of a lurker at heart.

So, drumroll please. Out of the, like, four books I’ve read since starting this blog a week and a half ago, the best of the bunch is…

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Listen, this book blew me away – I’m still talking about it and recommending it. I almost chose Depth of Winter out of loyalty to Walt Longmire, but the truth of the matter is that The Ocean at the End of the Lane was a better book. I have to say, though, that At the Water’s Edge cut a pretty close second. The main reason this book won out from Water’s Edge is because I actually am going to read more Gaiman now. Sara Gruen, I’ve read a couple of her books, but Water’s Edge wasn’t quite enough to make me read Ape House (I’ve already read Water for Elephants and loved it).

So anyway, if you’re looking to pick up a short, quick read that will practically punch you in the face with how good it is, that will leave you longing for childhood, that will make you want your grand adventure… Then The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman is for you.

4 thoughts on “The Best Book I Read in December Was…

  1. I really loved The Ocean at the End of the Lane as well when I read it a few years ago. It is one of those that really sticks with you. I need to reread it at some point. 🙂


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