New Year’s Eve: Reading Resolutions

Let’s talk about good intentions.

I personally have signed up for three challenges: Beat the Backlist, AtoZ Reading Challenge, and the 2019 Discussion Challenge. I have pretty arbitrary goals for all three, but mostly I’ll be shooting for doing the best that I can.

This year, my New Year’s Resolution for reading and life is to live unapologetically. I refuse to feel guilty any longer for things I don’t have to feel guilty about, like existing, setting boundaries, and enjoying the things that I enjoy.

For those who don’t know me personally and are just reading for the book mentions I’ll be throwing in, I am diagnosed Bipolar 1, along with an anxiety disorder, PTSD, and a mysterious chronic physical illness. I live my life with guilt as my dark passenger – when I have to turn down plans, I feel guilty. When I can’t do the dishes, I feel guilty. When I have to take medication, I feel guilty.

I’m done with it. No more. Guilt is no longer going to rule my life and make my decisions for me.

That’s part of why I started this blog. I need something for me, something that I love to do, something that I make time for, that works as an outlet for my passion for writing without being a commitment that I can’t handle. The Witch Reads is all about starting over, picking myself up from rock bottom (because I hit rock bottom a couple of months ago) and rebranding myself and my life, shaping it into the healthy thing that I want it to be.

Let’s talk my resolutions and goals for 2019, now that I’ve told you why.

  • Break out of my reading comfort zone. I don’t mean just genre, I mean subjects that make me uncomfortable or anxious, I mean writing styles I wouldn’t normally read, I mean books that I’m almost sure I won’t like but I’m going to try anyway.
  • 35 Discussion posts on the blog for the 2019 Discussion Challenge. I want to talk about books. I want to talk about subjects. I want to throw my opinion out into the void and see it be heard, even if it’s not a common opinion.
  • 25 Books of my TBR pile for Beat the Backlist. In case you haven’t heard, my TBR pile is huge and it’s constantly growing. It’s time to make a dent.
  • 26 Books for the AtoZ Challenge. This one may be a lofty goal for me. I think the others are easily doable, but to attempt all 26 letters may be a bit much. We’ll see how far we get. In addition, my mom is doing the challenge with me – she doesn’t have a blog, so she’s participating in spirit. I’ll post her thoughts up as they come!
  • Honestly, just enjoy reading again. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a healthy hobby that I could just enjoy, that I do purely for the enjoyment of it, that exists solely to keep me from stressing out.

These may seem like really easy resolutions, but they’re the ones that are going to work for me this year. I’m excited to get started, and I’m excited you, readers, are taking this journey with me.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve: Reading Resolutions

  1. These goals sound absolutely excellent. This year I think I got real about this shit for the first time, possibly ever, and kind of mumbled about some things I would like to go in the direction of, but for the most part setting a book goal for me basically guarentees I will not do it. So this year its about the vague and flexible kind of non-goal goals for me, and hopefully my reading year will be the better for it. And I hope the same for you with these. I’m doing the alphabet challenge as well…I don’t really think I’ll finish it, but I like making lists, so I think I’ll have a bit of fun all the same.

    All the best!


    1. My goals are pretty flexible for the same reason – I’m getting back into books for the first time in years! The alphabet challenge will be fun! I managed to loop my mom and aunt in too.

      Have a happy new year!


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